Thrive On Education provides a variety of options to assist families and children.

The child and families’ needs are assessed prior to the commencement of any programme.

Every child is formally assessed and a detailed report is provided to the family/whanau which not only outlines the child’s needs but also recommendations for an intervention programme.

Some of the programmes available:


  • Phonemic Awareness Programme: Based on the research and evidence-based programme developed by America’s National Reading Panel, assisted by Sally Shaywitz M.D, leading researcher in the area of reading difficulties and dyslexia, the programme focuses on explicit and systematic teaching of reading foundations, phonics, sight words, and English orthography as well as reading strategies and vocabulary development. The programme is divided into four parts. Each part addresses specific weaknesses and misconceptions, ensuring sufficient practice by the child in order to build confidence and competency. The programme is delivered in multisensory ways using the children’s interests, multiple intelligences and builds on past learning. This programme specifically assists children struggling with reading and writing. It is particularly well suited to children at risk of, or diagnosed with, Dyslexia. The programme is usually offered in school time and consists of 25-30 minute sessions in small ability-based groups. Private tutoring is available. 
  • Individualised Education Plans (IEP): At Thrive On Education we believe that through the student’s strengths, interests and abilities, we can address the weaknesses. IEPs are developed from this perspective and are created in collaboration with the child, family and teaching team. All IEP’s are individualised and ability based. 
  • Self-management coaching and strategies for children with behavioural needs and/or ADHD: Children with ADHD benefit from one-on-one, individualised programmes that assist them to develop the skills they require for life. The programme is provided in the form of tutoring, meeting once a week, collaborating with parents/whanau. The child is assigned activities and tasks to practice in order to solidify important skills needed to be an effective learner at school and at home.  
  • Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIP): Some children, after experiencing months and sometimes years of struggle at school will experience behaviour problems. Behaviour Intervention Plans provide the family/whanau, school and teachers with interventions, strategies and support to encourage and promote positive behaviour. A BIP focuses on the ‘why’ of the behaviour and thus provides a more focused and individualised intervention plan.  
  • Professional Development for childcares and schools: Current professional development workshops: Early Literacy Practices for Strong Foundations, Dyslexia-friendly Classroom Practices, Classroom Practices to Support Students with Various Needs. 

Who do we serve?

Thrive On Education is based in Auckland, New Zealand and serves children who aren’t thriving in the regular classroom/childcare setting.

  • Families who have already received an educational psychologist report for their child
  • Families who have a child who is showing delays in school (age 5+) or struggling to succeed in the classroom
  • Children diagnosed or at risk of ADHD/Dyslexia

Although we primarily work with children and families with ADHD and/or Dyslexia, we have been known to help children with a variety of needs, including children with visual processing disorders, auditory processing disorders, Aspergers, Autism and more.

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