Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your services cost? 

This varies depending on the service needed. The first step is assessing your child and having a conversation with you, the parent/guardian. This is always provided free of charge. From this, recommendations will be given to you in the form of a report or meeting. The recommendation will be complete with quote and payment options.

I’m concerned about my child’s learning. I don’t know who I should speak to and how to get the help my child needs. Can you help?

At Thrive On Education we dedicate ourselves to helping you, the parent/caregiver become the best advocate for your child. We often provide advice and guidance, usually at no charge. 

I’m struggling with helping my child but they do not have ADHD or Dyslexia. Can you still help?

At Thrive On Education, our aim is to help every child and family. We have been known to help many children from various backgrounds and with various needs. Give us a call and let us hear your needs; all interviews/meetings are free. Once we have assessed your child, we will meet with you to explain if and how we can help, as well as the cost.

The school supplies an IEP (Individualised Education Plan) for my child. Why do you provide these and how are yours different?

The SENCO department (Special Education Needs Coordinator) of most schools are inundated with students who require assistance and as a result, IEP’s often can take a while to get. Furthermore, IEP’s ought to be a working document that changes and adjusts according to your child’s needs and schooling age. At Thrive On Education, we pride ourselves in providing in depth IEP’s with clear goals and strategies for both the teachers and the student. Because we always do an in-depth assessment/interview with the student/parent, we create thorough IEP’s that utilise both your child’s strengths and interests to address areas of need.

I’m interested in the Phonemic Awareness Programme. What is this and how much does it cost?

The Phonemic Awareness Programme is taught at your child’s school as an additional support for your child. The programme is specifically designed for struggling readers/writers, and/or children at risk or diagnosed with dyslexia. The programme builds and develop strengths in order to improve decoding words, reading fluency and spelling. The programme focuses on explicit and systematic teaching of reading foundations, phonics, sight words, English orthography as well as reading strategies and vocabulary. The programme is divided into four parts. Each part addresses specific weaknesses and misconceptions, ensuring sufficient practice by the child in order to build confidence and competency. The programme is delivered in multisensory ways using children’s interests, multiple intelligences and builds on past learning. All children are assessed prior to commencing the programme. Afterschool sessions are available but space is limited. Sessions cost $20/session. 

I am enrolling my child in the Phonemic Awareness Programme. Do they have to be enrolled for the full year?

No. Enrolments are on a term by term basis. A two-term commitment is highly recommended but not mandatory.

I can’t afford to pay the full Term in advance, can I pay in instalments?

Yes, please contact us and a payment plan that suits your family can be arranged.

My child is enrolled in the Phonemic Awareness Programme. How long will they need this for?

It is always difficult to answer how long a child will need the programme since children learn at different rates. However, in schools throughout the USA where similar programmes are taught, studies have indicated that after one year of being taught the programme four times a week, children have caught up with their peers. A two-term enrolment is highly recommended to expose your child to strong foundations and strategies upon which to build.



Multiple intelligences and ways you can help your child shine using their strengths.

Ministry of Education website including guidelines regarding inclusive education

Search through hundreds of audiobooks. You can also request for a specific text/book to be turned into audio format.

Software programs that can convert scanned print material into a computer text file that can be read aloud by your computer:
Kurzweil 3000 at Kurzweil Education Systems
WYNN3.1 at What You Need Now

Speech recognition software: allows you to dictate into microphone and speech is turned into print:
NaturallySpeaking at Scansoft (PC only)
iListen at MacSpeech

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